IMPORTANT! When you create a booking online you will receive an initial email labeled "Booking Request Received" stating that your booking request has been made. Once your booking has been confirmed by Valley Ballooning you will receive a second email labeled "Booking Confirmed" with information. If you do not receive the second email labeled "Booking Confirmed" then the booking was not completed. At the bottom of the confirmation email you will find a link to our flight status page. Please be sure to check the flight status before you leave to come to the meeting location in order to make sure that your flight is still on and has not been cancelled because of weather. In the event that your flight is cancelled due to weather you are able to reschedule using the booking application below.



All passengers flying on a standard group flight may make their reservation by phone, email, or by using our online self-scheduler below. If you purchased an "exclusive private flight for two" or a "semi-private group flight for two" then you must call or email to schedule. For reservations by phone please call Valley Ballooning at (540) 333-6697 or (540)975-0192 or email at valleyballooning@gmail.com. All passengers must have purchased vouchers or certificates before scheduling.

Cancelled Flights

Please note that all flights are subject to weather conditions and may be cancelled at the pilots discretion. In the event that we are weathered out on your flight day, you may reschedule the flight up until but not past the expiration date on your voucher or flight certificate without additional fees. After the expiration date, all vouchers and certificates work as coupons towards the price of a regular flight for a total of (5) years from date of purchase. The difference in price will be required to still fly past the expiration date. All flight certificates and vouchers are non-refundable. Flights cancelled within (72) hours are subject to forfeiture.

Weight Limitations

Persons weighing over 230 lbs. will be charged additionally.

230-249 lbs. - $50.00 Weight Charge
250-274 lbs. - $100.00 Weight Charge
275+ lbs. - contact pilot for special arrangements

Flight Probability and Booking

Hot air balloons need light winds to fly safely, approximately 5mph on the surface or less. On average, passengers can expect to schedule 1-5 times before getting a date where the weather is suitable for flying. We get more morning flights in than evening flights. It tends to be less windy in the mornings and we also can sometimes get "timed out" waiting for the wind to drop on evening flights which can push us out of a flight. It generally is windier during the colder months and our heavy flying season is June through November when the weather is best, however, we book all year round.

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